What is an Art of the South Gallery?   
Most Art of the South Galleries are certified Thomas Kinkade Signature Galleries that are authorized to carry very limited edition Kinkade canvases that can only be sold at a Thomas Kinkade Signature Gallery. Our extended Art of the South network makes us the world's largest source of Thomas Kinkade art. Couple that with the fact that our Lamplight, Seaside, and Master's Editions galleries also carry a large selection of artwork from other master artists around the world and you end up with customers who truly have their choice in office and home decor.  More...
What services do your galleries offer?
Along with teaming you with an expert art consultant to help you, we offer interest free financing*, phone orders, layaway services, preorders for certain “to be released” images, consignment sales and various delivery options like overnight and international shipping. We also carry hand signed canvases signed by the artists during some of our special events. 
Why should I use the shopping cart on the site?
We believe that like any real investments that one makes in their lifetime, purchasing a limited edition piece of art is best done when the buyer is informed and aware of all the options that are available. While a phone call with one of our consultants will yield a wealth of knowledge for even the most adept collector, sometimes you know what you want. You have done the research, you know the size and frame and the only thing that there is left to do is hang it on your wall. In such an event, our secure shopping cart is ready 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to serve you and your needs.  If there are any questions left unanswered, simply click on "Live Assistant" and someone will be available to answer your questions in a "chat" format.
Do you carry pieces that are considered “sold out”?
As the world’s largest source for Thomas Kinkade limited edition canvas, there is always a great chance we have the one you seek hanging on one of our gallery walls and the same applies for artists other than Kinkade. If not, our vast network of resources enables us to find even some of the truly rare releases. Even in these cases, the turn around time for us to get you the image is fast enough to be called the standard for others to follow.  
What are the different Editions?
Artists have issued limited edition art in different editions for many years. The idea of an artist proof came about before printing processes were as exact as they are today. In the early days of printing, the first images off the press were of a higher quality than the last prints made. This was because of the wear on the plates that created the prints. Because of this higher quality, historically, artists proofs were the first 10% of the number of prints made. These were reserved by the artists to give to his friends or sell at a premium price. With todays digital printing processes, these artist's proofs no longer are of a higher quality. The idea of printing different editions in different numbers remains as a practice by most publishers today. For further information about editions...More
Is there some kind of "standard" pricing?
Many Publishers set a release price and require dealers to sell at or above this set price.   For example, the Thomas Kinkade Company sets a minimum price based on the size and edition...More
Do you offer any guarantees?
We offer a thirty day satisfaction guarantee on all of our canvases. If you are not happy with your piece, simply contact us and we will do our best to make sure you walk away satisfied.  About our complete satisfaction guarantee...More

Our Guarantee
Your art order is packaged by skilled professionals. It will be thoroughly inspected before it is shipped. We are confident you will love the appearance and quality of your new fine art...More

For that reason we guarantee your satisfaction. If your purchase does not meet your expectation for any reason, we will reverse the transaction. Please contact us either by phone or by E-mail. Tell us the reason for your dissatisfaction, and give us your full name and mailing address in the e-mail. We will attempt to satisfy your concerns. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase from our company, you may return it to us within 30 days of your having received the order for an exchange or 100% refund on the cost of your product purchase. Please note that we will even refund your shipping charges on returned merchandise.

The only exceptions to this policy are certain pieces which you ask us to special order or an image that you have asked us to alter or customize. This exception will be explained to you at the time of purchase. Custom orders are the only items not returnable to us under this guarantee. If you are not informed that your order is a custom order, it is covered under this guarantee. 

Did Thomas Kinkade invent the effect of luminism in his paintings? 
No, but he has been marketed so effectively as "The Painter of Light", that many of our customers think that he invented the technique.  Thom just took a technique that had become popular in the early 19th Century, and took it to a new level never seen before with this degree of effectiveness ..MORE 
How often is your site(s) updated?
Art of the South.Com and its other gallery sites receive constant updates and when news that pertains to the collectible artworld breaks - we strive to be the first to tell you about it. 

* Financing made available through American General Financial Services