Thomas Kinkade Art Price Guide

Thomas Kinkade Collectors know that there are two types of Kinkade images. There are those that are "in circulation" and those that are considered to be "sold out" pieces. We have listed the pricing for all "in circulation" prints on our Pricing page for your convenience. However, this may not answer your questions concerning pricing on Thomas Kinkade art that is no longer produced by the publisher.

Secondary Market prices for these sold out pieces fluctuates far too often for any web site to accurately report. This is not to say that we at Art of the South are not knowledgeable about the most current secondary market prices. If you see a particular Thomas Kinkade print that is listed as sold out and would like an immediate price quote, simply call any of our Thomas Kinkade Signature galleries and one of our art consultants will be happy to provide you with a quote. We can even provide quotes for some Thomas Kinkade originals as they appear on the market from time to time.

As an added bonus to collectors who shop with Art of the South, if you purchase a canvas from us - you can request for a current market value price for as long as you own the print. Whether it be for insurance purposes or just to satisfy your curiosity, your request will be addressed promptly. This is one of the many ways that Art of the South provides its collectors with the best customer service and information in the Thomas Kinkade realm.