Which Edition Is Right For You?

All Thomas Kinkade Limited Edition Canvases are individually hand retouched with oil highlights and then numbered according to their Edition. As we are Signature Galleries, we are licensed to carry eight of these available editions thus offering our customers a selection that can be found only at a Signature Gallery. 
Canvas Edition Choices:
* indicates Edition is only available at Signature Galleries
S/N - Standard Numbered Largest numbered edition available and thus the most affordable
A/P - Artist Proof Smaller number issued than S/N, slightly more expensive
G/P - Gallery Proof* 1/3rd edition size of S/N, Gold Foil Remarque on front
E/P - Examination Proof The first canvas of any Kinkade image to reach the gallery walls. Only one E/P is issued per gallery as it is used as the show piece for collectors to view. Due to its restrictions, the release number is limited and has become the choice of a number of collectors.
P/P - Publisher Proof* 1/5th edition size of S/N, last Standard Enhancement edition
A/N - Atelier National * (Giclee) 400 piece select series, Enhanced Tone Printing Process
R/E - Renaissance Edition* Very limited number released, brushstroke textured canvas, additionally highlighted by a Master Highlighter. Also has a Watermark Remarque on the back and is personally hand signed by Thom.
S/P - Studio Proof* Semi-original edition, smallest release number that we offer. Has the same brushstroke textured and highlighting offered in the R/E edition but also features a final highlight done by Thom himself thus making this the most collectable Edition available.
Glossary of Terms:

Edition: Levels offered on Thomas Kinkade canvases - each containing various features making  them collectable. The "higher" the edition, the more features and thus the more collectable the canvas is.

Enhanced Tone Printing Process: Featured process that results in a very crisp image with vibrant coloring. Involves printing directly on the canvas for a reproduction very close to the original.  Exclusive to A/N editions for many years.  Now the Thomas Kinkade Company has begun using this process on all limited edition reproductions.

Gold Foil Remarque: A gold foil stamp on the front of the canvas that is exclusive to that particular image.

Textured Brushstroke Process: Offered only on R/E and S/P editions, this molding process that creates a texture replicating the look and feel of the original canvas as well as Thomas Kinkade's brushstrokes.

Watermark Remarque: Available exclusively to the R/E and S/P editions, a watermark featuring Thomas Kinkade's signature Light Post and his personal signature that can be found on the back of the canvas.