Graceland by Thomas Kinkade

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 "Elvis Presley created rock and roll and changed music forever. Graceland was his refuge from the demands of his fame. My hope is that I will capture on canvas a bit of the home that he loved so much. As for me as an artist, I create art that is accessible for everyone, just as Elvis created music that is enjoyed by millions of people the world over. The Elvis I want to celebrate is the private man; the inspiration of how one person can use his or her God-given talent to bring joy to millions of people,"
--- Thomas Kinkade

SKU: Graceland-18x24
Dimensions: 18x24
Price: $795.00
SKU: Graceland-25.5x34
Dimensions: 25.5x34
Price: $1,360.00
SKU: Graceland-30x40
Dimensions: 30x40
Price: $1,800.00